Kattan Ferretti Financial L.P.  is a full service Investment Management and Financial Planning firm. However, we are not your typical financial advisory firm. We use sophisticated math based models and computer systems to monitor a wide range of markets in real time. Secondly, we are fiduciaries to our clients. The difference between a fiduciary and the typical advisor is that a fiduciary must, by law, put the client’s best interest first. Investors can be confident that their money is being invested for their best interest, not for the benefit of the advisor or the firm they work for.

Services include:
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)

  • Individual and Joint Investment Accounts

  • Small Business Retirement Accounts

  • Trust, Estate & Charitable Accounts

  • College Savings Accounts

  • Organization Accounts

How Can We Help?
  • Let us review your portfolio and give you an inside look at the amount of fees you are actually paying.

  • Give you a deeper look into how we manage risk and grow your assets.

  • Provide you with a proposal on our recommendations and changes how they will impact you.

  • Start managing your investments in a cost effective way, while providing you on-going advice and monitoring services from an independent advisor that only has your best interest in mind.

Why Use A Quantitative Solution?

By approaching markets in a mathematical way we can select or discard investment opportunities based on logic, common sense, and practical workability on past/current performance. We can provide our clients a firm foundation for how and why we make investment decisions. We continuously monitor the markets and know in real-time as changes occur. This keeps us constantly on top of what is happening and ready to make adjustments on the fly.

All of the monitoring is done through our quantitative “system.” The computer will consciously scan all of the positions in real-time and make all decisions regarding when to enter or exit a position, removing human error from the process. This system truly is a technological edge over our competition


Risk Management

Risk management signaling is essential to your performance. Most risk management systems (if there is one) are stationary, based off a set of values such as a fixed holding period, target price, or a specific stop price.

Our risk management technology is dynamic and not set to a specific function or value. We use quantitative functions that continually evolve to create a real-time exit signal. This design and approach is not traditional to finance, but creates less risk while providing a reward.


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